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Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 34

Three events are coming up next week:

21 April 2015 from 9:00am

The Ginninderra Falls Biodiversity Working Group will meet with Riverview to discuss the issues connected with a 300 metre conservation corridor, plans for a visitor hub, and the need for further work on endangered species.

PRESS RELEASE: Ginninderra Gorge and Falls - Current Consultations with Riverview Group regarding needs for Visitor/Tourist facilities

In February 2015, the Ginninderra Falls Association, together with other conservation bodies met the developer, “The Riverview Group” at Ginninderra Gorge to look at possible locations for visitor/tourist facilities. The area is only a few kilometres from West Belconnen and we hope it may be open to the public as soon as possible, perhaps by 2016 or 2017.

Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 32

First of all the Committee wishes everyone the best during this festive season and we certainly hope to have a Happy New Year with major steps towards opening the marvellous Ginninderra Falls once again to the public. We did our bit for Christmas holding our Summer public meeting at the reserve on Brooklands Road in Wallaroo. We had a chat, a nice supper and a walk to the Murrumbidgee.

Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 31

The forecast is not favourable for our Christmas Meeting on Sunday. Please still come!

If it is raining we will retire to the Brindabella Hills Winery which has a very nice café. This is not far from the Brooklands Road Reserve at 156 Woodgrove Close. (This is where we went in March.)

Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 30

2014 Christmas Party

Sunday 30 November 2:30 - 4:00, end of Brooklands Road Hall

We will take this opportunity to have a chat and keep everyone up-to-date about our proposal for the Ginninderra Falls national park. At some point in the afternoon those who wish will have a walk to the Murrumbidgee River. I believe this walk is not rated easy.

Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 28

Winter General Meeting (and AGM)

Just a reminder that our next general meeting is this Saturday, 30 August from 2:30 - 4:00pm.

The meeting will be at the Belconnen Library and our guest speaker will be Meredith Hunter.

Ginninderra Falls Survey

The Ginninderra Falls Association is running a short survey about the national park for the Ginninderra Falls and surrounding area. The survey is to gauge the views of the community both for the creation of the park and to get some indication about how the new park is to be managed.


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