Murrumbidgee-Ginninderra Gorges National Park (Information Note 4)

There was an excellent attendance of 70 or 80 or maybe more at the opening of a selection of paintings of Ginninderra Creek and Falls by Dirk Bouma on 9 March in CSIRO’s Discovery Centre. The exhibition was opened by Bryan Pratt, a member of the Ginninderra Falls Association, and was preceded by Bryan’s talk about the importance of the falls and the push for a national park to be declared in that area. The Association gained 14 new members who signed up at the exhibition. We are grateful to Dirk, his wife and members of their family for their strong interest in the falls and their hospitality on the night and hope that Dirk’s ill health, which unfortunately prevented his attendance, is on the mend.

panel discussion about the falls and their values was held on 15 March, but the attendance was not as good as hoped. The Association thanks Doug Finlayson, David Hogg, Mark Lintermans and Ian Falconer for their contributions at the discussion.

As indicated above, the loose group of people who originally decided to fight for the declaration of a national park centred on the falls has now been formed into an incorporated association. This should bring tangible benefits and further information will be provided on these later on.

We have written again to the Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, seeking a meeting and are awaiting a response.

Graeme Barrow
Committee Member
Ginninderra Falls Association Inc.

20 March 2012

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