Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 23

Hi all

Quite a few things happening:

Cross Border Working Group

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, our major effort at the moment is to get a cross border working group up and running. Our purpose is to convince all levels of government that the best means to manage the Murrumbidgee and Gindinderra Gorges is to establish a National Park. This is especially true with respect to the fabulous Ginninderra Falls because of its more difficult accessibility. Other areas may not warrant such an approach and legal techniques such as conservation covenants may be all that is needed.

We have had a number of responses and, quite rightly, they point out the working parties from both community and government set up to oversee the Riverview project.

We have now taken the next step to ensure that we are formally recognized and heard in these forums. This is not something new as we have had a lot of contact in the past with Mr Maxwell and his group but it is now time to properly establish our credentials as a major stakeholder.

We have also had face-to-face discussions with some politicians and land-owners and have appointments to meet with others quite shortly.

You can see some of the correspondence at Cross Border Working Group.

Autumn Public Meeting

Also mentioned last time was our initiative to have our next public meeting at the Brindilla Hills Winery overlooking the Murrumbidgee River. This will be on Sunday 23 March from 2pm to 4pm. See Murrumbidgee Corridor, Wallaroo: A Viewing for further details.

Project Status

Doug has updated his 'Project Status'. Please see Project Status.       


Don't forget to keep in touch with developments here. You can do this by visiting the website,, the office now open in the Kippax Shopping Centre or getting their regular newsletter. (To do this, register your interest at their website just noted.) There are many issues being addressed here, Strathnairn, transport, community facilities, building standards ... We will endeavor to ensure that appropriate river corridors are reserved and a decent park management structure put in place but there is much more than just the Park to consider and remember, if all goes well, this development will significantly add value to our Park.


Darryl Seto
for the Ginninderra Falls Assoc Committee

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