Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 32

First of all the Committee wishes everyone the best during this festive season and we certainly hope to have a Happy New Year with major steps towards opening the marvellous Ginninderra Falls once again to the public. We did our bit for Christmas holding our Summer public meeting at the reserve on Brooklands Road in Wallaroo. We had a chat, a nice supper and a walk to the Murrumbidgee.

Project Status (300m corridor)

The latest project status report from Doug highlights the need for a minimum river and creek corridor of 300 metres. Those familiar with the Riverview proposal will be aware that ‘West Belconnen’ generally will have a much wider corridor than this 300m minimum and, no doubt, when all the appropriate surveys are completed, Riverview may need to reserve other areas beyond the 300m line. On the other hand, circumstances may exist where the limit is breeched. A visitor and function centre, for example, is necessary if the park is to be a viable tourist and recreational area. Suitable building sites may be scarce within reasonable distance of the Falls. This issue is being addressed by Riverview.

West Belconnen Urban Development

Plans for ‘West Belconnen’ should be available for public comment early in the new year. Please note that David Maxwell from Riverview has regular meetings with community groups. Our Association has its own regular monthly meeting with Mr Maxwell and these meetings have included consultants employed by Riverview. Thanks David.

Community Survey

Late this year we conducted a survey to identify public views about certain aspects of our proposal for a Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park. 115 people answered (thank you). The results to the five questions are:

  Yes No Not answered
The Ginninderra Falls should be open to the public. 113 2  
This should happen as soon as practicable and certainly by 2016. 112 3  
The management of the Ginninderra Falls should be in public hands. 107 4 4
There should be minimal impact on the Ginninderra Falls allowing only walking tracks and lookouts. 108 6 1
Major facilities, eg, information centre, café, car park, should be restricted to the reclaimed quarry site close by. 107 7 1
  • There was an earlier RiotACT poll in 2012 that asked if people wanted to respect private property or open Ginninderra Falls to the public. As was noted in the public comments, these positions are not mutually exclusive.

Celebrating the Ginninderra Falls

One big event next year will be our exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre in August. It promises to be a good one because the committee will not be in charge. Thanks to our curator, Narelle Phillips, Gallery Coordinator, Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Like the Falls themselves this will be an event for all of Canberra not just those living here in West Belconnen. Once again, David Maxwell has pitched in and Riverview is sponsoring the exibition.

Darryl Seto
(for the Ginninderra Falls Committee)

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