PRESS RELEASE: Ginninderra Gorge and Falls - Current Consultations with Riverview Group regarding needs for Visitor/Tourist facilities

In February 2015, the Ginninderra Falls Association, together with other conservation bodies met the developer, “The Riverview Group” at Ginninderra Gorge to look at possible locations for visitor/tourist facilities. The area is only a few kilometres from West Belconnen and we hope it may be open to the public as soon as possible, perhaps by 2016 or 2017.

Our first priority is to restore pathways and lookouts for the two major Falls, as well as providing parking for cars and buses. The facilities must also include an Information Centre and Café.

We consider that a well-designed Information Centre with associated parking is best located on an adjacent quarry site, which is only a short walk to the Upper Falls. Closure and restoration of the quarry is indeed necessary to help the site reach its full potential. Money is not only needed for its immediate purchase but also to allow its restoration for the necessary basic facilities.

We regard the Ginninderra Gorge and its Falls in its beautiful setting as the gateway to our vision of a larger National Park. The park will not only encompass both sides of Ginninderra Gorge but also the adjacent grand Gorges of the Murrumbidgee River extending upstream and downstream at the Ginninderra Gorge intersection.

Christopher Watson

Ginninderra Falls Association


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