Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 54

Spring 2017 Public Meeting

We are fortunate to have Prof Jason Sharples as the guest speaker for our next public forum. He will talk about his recent paper, Risk Implications of Dynamic Fire Propagation.

When: 5:30 to 7:30, Thursday 3 August 2017
Where: Meeting room, Belconnen Fire Station, Bardi Pl, Macquarie (near the intersection with Belconnen Way, opposite Canberra High School)

2017 Annual General Meeting

Prior to Prof Sharples' presentation, we will have our AGM for 2017. This will be from 4:30 to 5:15. All positions will become vacant. We always need volunteers. If you wish to nominate for any position please send an email to our Public Officer (me) or nominate at the meeting.

Special General Meeting

The AGM will be a special general meeting. The current committee is recommending additional text for the Association's objectives. This follows advice from the Environmental Defender’s Office.

Our recommendation is to make it clear that we wish to protect the current environmental values, including biodiversity and heritage values. This environmental focus remains our goal even if our preferred position of creating a national park does not eventuate.

The motion to be put to this meeting is to insert:

  • after the first line 3.1 –

(a1) promote, engage in and ensure the conservation and protection of the environmental values, including biodiversity and heritage values, in the region surrounding the Ginninderra Falls, including the ACT.

(a2) promote the conservation of the built and natural environment in the West Belconnen and adjacent NSW region.

(a3) promote public awareness of the environment surrounding the Ginninderra Falls, in both ACT and NSW, by engaging and disseminating information to the public.

  • after 3.1(a)(ii) –

(iia) advocating and progressing the conservation and protection of the environment in the West Belconnen and adjacent NSW area.

  • after the text "national park" in 3.1(a), 3.1(b) and 3.1(b)(i ) –

, or other protected or conservation area,


Darryl Seto
(for the Ginninderra Falls Committee)

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