Falls 'jewel in crown'


Canberra Times Letters to the Editor 1 September 2017

It is good to see the Yass Valley Council endorsing a ban on housing projects adjoining ACT's northern border (The Canberra Times, August 25), together with your editorial ("Land Buffer zone is well justified", The Canberra Times, August 24).

It is therefore no surprise to read that surrounding land owners are angry to lose out on the huge financial bonanza that occurs with rural to urban rezoning (The Canberra Times, August 23).

Neither the council nor your August 24 editorial has highlighted one very significant natural spectacular feature – the Ginninderra Falls. This "jewel in the NSW crown" lies in NSW adjacent to the northern ACT border.

Rezoning here by the council would be remiss and irresponsible as it is the obvious hub for a national park.

Moreover, the area is fire prone and also has a number of important Aboriginal cultural heritage sites alongside both the Ginninderra and Murrumbidgee gorges and the Ginninderra Falls.

Christopher Watson, Latham

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