Electricity Augmentation on Stockdill Drive: DA 201732500

The proposed development includes the TransGrid component of the ACT Second Electrical Supply Project (ACT SESP). The parts of the ACT SESP to be delivered by TransGrid include:

  1. the construction and operation of a new 330/132kV Stockdill Substation and new TransGrid property boundary fence.
  2. construction and establishment of transmission lines between the Stockdill Substation and Canberra Substation and associated easements including:
    1. one section in a new shared easement (90 metres wide) to be established south of Stockdill Drive in an east-west orientation to the point of the existing ActewAGL Canberra-Woden transmission line easement. (This section would be constructed parallel to and in the same easement as the new ActewAGL transmission line which is to be delivered by ActewAGL under their component of the ACT SESP).
    2. a connecting section where a new transmission line would be built in the existing ActewAGL Canberra-Woden transmission line easement which is orientated in a north south direction. This section would connect into the Canberra Substation.
  3. construction of a section of transmission line and new easement to divert existing lines (which currently connect to the Canberra Substation) to the proposed Stockdill Substation. As part of this the redundant section of transmission line to the Canberra Substation would be decommissioned and removed.
  4. other ancillary works.

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