Privacy Policy

The Ginninderra Falls Association Inc will follow these guidelines for all contact via its official website or otherwise.



Unless clearly indicated otherwise, no information in emails sent to the domain will be used for any purpose other than responding to the email.


By way of example, not intended to limit this paragraph, an email with information for members or supporters may be forwarded to members or supporters but without identifying the person who provided the information only the organisation and only when this information is relevant.

Can You Help


Information from any offer to support Ginninderra Falls Association will be used only to facilitate the supporter’s involvement with Ginninderra Falls Association and only to the limit designated in the offer.


Supporter’s details will be recorded in a members and supporters’ database maintained by Ginninderra Falls Association. Any subsequent contact from Ginninderra Falls Association, for example, a request for further involvement, will be made only if the new request is consistent with the type of support made in the initial offer.



Member’s details will be recorded in a members and supporters’ database maintained by Ginninderra Falls Association.


Any information may be used only for advancing the specific objectives of the Ginninderra Falls Association.



Access to the members and supporters’ database will be restricted to Ginninderra Falls Association officials specifically nominated by the management committee.


The information held on the members and supporters’ database is to remain the personal property of the member or supporter. At any time, any person may request to see their own details and the person may delete or amend any detail he or she wishes.


Darryl Seto
Public Officer
Ginninderra Falls Association

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