Potential bushfire risk to the Ginninderry development in West Belconnen


Mr Doug Finlayson
Ginninderra Falls Association

Dear Mr Finlayson

I refer to your email of 19 June 2017 about potential bushfire risk to the Ginninderry development in West Belconnen. Unfortunately, due to technical issues which have only just come to light, we are unable to confirm if a response to your email has previously been provided. In the event that we have not responded previously, please find a response below. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Summary, drafted by GFA, of the presentation by
Assoc Prof Jason Sharples at Spring 2018 Public Meeting.

Bushfires are commonly accepted as a natural hazard but, according to the ACT Strategic Bushfire Management Plan[i], Australia has experienced a growing number of extreme bushfires since 2001.


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