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Yass Valley Council Local Government Election 2012

The Ginninderra Falls Association has asked candidates for their views on our proposal. See below for the text of our message. Responses will be recorded here.

If you did not receive a questionnaire and would like your views known, please email.

Candidate Support Comment
ABBEY Rowena Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
BAKER Kevin Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
BHATIA Manish Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
BHATIA Perminder Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
BURGESS Cecil    
BUTLER Greg Thank you for the invitation to respond. I have passed your information on to the other candidates in Group A. We support the need to conserve and properly manage the natural assets of the Yass Valley local government area. We agree that the Gininderra Falls and surrounds comprise a natural asset in this category. With this is mind, we would like more information on your proposal, in particular -
  • Why have you chosen to campaign to declare the whole area as a National Park? Has there been consideration given to whether the area could also be preserved as a State Conservation Area, a Nature Reserve or a State Recreation Area in part or in toto?
  • Why are the proposed boundaries not matching land parcel boundaries, as is the normal practice?
  • Are the local landholders aware of and agreeable to your proposal?
  • What is the cost of resuming freehold and other land in your proposal? Have you a cost benefit analysis for each parcel?
  • What is the cost of providing tourist infrastructure (walkways, shelters, toilets etc) and maintaining same for your proposal?
  • We presume these costs would be met substantially by the NSW Government. What is their position, as the future park owner, on this proposal?
We look forward to your responses.
On a personal note, I have considerable experience in the area of nature conservation. I was involved with the Save The Scarp movement (resulting in the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation area), the creation of the Nattai National Park, and the Gordon Below Franklin campaign in Tasmania. I look forward to working with you on this project in future. I am sure we will succeed in protecting the Falls for future generations
CASSIDY David Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
DANIEL Ann In broad conceptual terms I certainly support the proposed National Park. I have read (online) the 20-page Proposal compiled by the Murrumbidgee- Ginninderra Gorge national Park Community Group and note the exceptional wild beauty of large tracts of this area. I do look forward to seeing in finer detail how the objectives of your group might be realised. I do note that some (how much? all?) of the area is in private ownership and look forward to hearing how this land might be reinstated in public ownership. That is really the nub of the project.
And I note that most of the proposed Park would fall within Yass Valley local government boundaries, so this makes the people of Yass Valley and therefore their Council a significant ‘stakeholder’.
If elected I would look forward to hearing more of the practicality and the equity of plans for the Park's creation.
FROST Geoff    
HELDON Karen Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
HEWLETT Ginny Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
INKSTER Mike Firstly, if my reading of your actual intent is correct, your group is to be congratulated for your efforts and work thus far.
I support the protection of natural beauty throughout our region and agree that the area in question presents as naturally valuable and deserving of protection. I also support making areas such as these more accessible and known to the general public.
I note commentary within your site with respect to the existing walking tracks throughout the Ginninderra Falls area although rehabilitation and/or maintenance are needed. You also state that “the falls have been closed to the public for some years and the trails have been neglected”.
Whilst I cannot, with the current information at hand, unconditionally support your proposal, I would support a review of having the existing walking trails re-opened and appropriately maintained.
I also have queries in relation to the current ownership of the land in question and your consultation with these landholders as well as concerns with the management of National Parks more generally, particularly with respect to ongoing maintenance.
JONES Jasmin    
McCLINTOCK Sara I would like to have a lot more detail - but I am in favour of National Parks in principle.
McMANUS Michael    
NEEDHAM David    
STOREY Edward    
TEMPLEMAN Julieanne Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
TURNER Kim Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW
WARE Garry Email address not released by Electoral Commission NSW

Text of original email

The NSW Electoral Commission listed you as a candidate for the Yass Valley Council Local Government Elections 2012 to be held on Saturday, 8 September 2012. Your email address was also provided.

I am writing to all candidates, who have released their email addresses, to give you an opportunity to state your support, or otherwise, for the proposed Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park.

Please note that, unless you request otherwise, your responses will be posted on the website at Yass Valley Council Local Government Election 2012.


  1. Do you support the establishment of the Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park?
  2. Do you have any comments you would like to add?

Would you like to receive regular updates about the proposal? If so, please indicate in your reply or just send an email to

Thank you,

Dr Chris Watson
Ginninderra Falls Association


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