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Dave Kelly

<p>Dear Editor</p>

<p>Ginninderra Falls National Park proposals in great danger</p>

<p>I read with interest Michael Corey&rsquo;s article in CT Friday 10 Feb (page 10) on the possible development of a National Park for the Mount Majura, Mount Ainslie, Mulligans Flat area in ACT, but was disappointed with his dismissal of a National Park proposal in the area around Ginninderra Falls in NSW just to the north of Canberra. The areas in ACT already have significant legislative protections within the Canberra Nature Park. The areas around the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek corridors in NSW are about to be swamped by Ginninderry urban development houses, concrete and roads for 30,000 people if action is not taken now to limit the 2017 changes proposed for NSW land rezoning from Rural E3 to Urban by the Yass Valley Council. There is huge potential to convert the gorges and Ginninderra Falls area into a world class conservation park with a focus on beautiful sight lines, ecological sustainability, recreational and tourist potential, and highlighting aboriginal and colonial heritage. Without an urgent rethink by Yass Valley Council the conservation park area will degenerate into a poorly managed fringe area on Canberra&rsquo;s northern suburbs.</p>

<p>Douglas Finlayson</p>

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