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Tim the Yowie Man - Online Canberra Times and SMH


Have a look at these videos from online Canberra Times and SMH from 5 March 2012. Part of Tim's text from the SMH reads:


Still on waterfalls, the push for a national park at the currently off-limits Ginninderra Falls on Belconnen‘s outskirts is gaining momentum.

Dr Dirk Bouma, a member of the recently formed Ginninderra Falls Association, is about to display a wonderful array of his delightful watercolours depicting the falls area, which he hopes will raise public interest in the park proposal.

Dirk‘s interest in the Ginninderra Creek began when he settled in Belconnen in the early 1960s. “They were years of good rainfall, and the creek flowed lustily through the paddocks. I often took my young boys out trout fishing, and you may not believe it but one of the boys, about six years old or so, caught his first nice brown trout in one of the holes in the creek in the area now called Giralang,” Dirk says.

“Later I became interested in the downstream area where the creek runs into the Murrumbidgee through an area of exceptional beauty via gorges and waterfalls, alternating with quiet pools. Before the area was completely closed [since 2004], several times I took overseas visitors to the area who were invariably impressed and amazed by the many varied natural, geological and biological features of the area.”

“With the Canberra population now at 350,000 and likely to reach 500,000 by the middle of the century, a Ginninderra Falls National Park would be a wonderful attraction to have on our doorstep.”

Dirk‘s exhibition, Discovering Ginninderra Creek and Falls Area, will open on the evening of Friday, March 9, and remain on show at CSIRO Discovery Centre, Clunies Ross Street, Acton, until Thursday, March 22. The opening will be preceded by a free public lecture by Dr Bryan Pratt about the falls and their importance.

Here is a video showing some of the content from the online videos.

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