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Cross Border Working Group: Councillor Rowena Abbey

Councillor Rowena Abbey
Yass Valley Council
209 Comur Street

Dear Councillor Abbey,

Re: Ginninderra Falls Area: Need for Cross Border Working Group

Please find enclosed a copy of the Association's letter (with attachments) to the Hon Robyn Parker MP, the NSW Minister for the Environment.

We believe the way forward is the formation of a "Working Group" comprising representatives from the NSW Government, Yass Valley Council, ACT and possibly Federal Governments. Can you give such a Group your support?

This Group is now very necessary with the current housing development proposals being drawn up by Riverview Pty Ltd.; mainly in the ACT's West Belconnen precinct, but also crossing the NSW border coming unduly close to both the Murrumbridgee and Ginninderra Gorges. At the recent Riverview consultations at the Bruce TAFE, on 13 November, I met your planners David De Szell and Will Mayes.

Our Association envisages a much wider corridor to come under a National Park aegis in the confluence of the Murrumbridgee and Ginninderra Gorges. We have increasingly become aware that many interested parties have yet to view this area.

Would it be timely for a visit by a group of Yass Valley Councillors to be organised?


Dr Chris Watson

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