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300 metre wide river and creek corridors

In the last few years the Ginninderra Falls Association has developed a proposal to create an outstanding regional park in ACT and in NSW just north of the ACT border around the confluence of Ginninderra Creek and the Murrumbidgee River that included the scenic and spectacular Ginninderra Falls.

The Association aims are -

  • To restore public access to the Ginninderra Creek and Murrumbidgee River corridors and Ginninderra Falls.
  • To create a sustainable public park for recreational, educational and ecological purposes.

For several years now the Riverview Group development company has been preparing plans for the West Belconnen township that involves housing construction in NSW south of Ginninderra Creek and adjacent land in the ACT bordering the Murrumbidgee River corridor. Riverview Group planning proposal documents for land use rezoning in NSW and ACT are now complete and have been submitted to ACT and NSW Government planning departments for approval.

300m river corridorThe Ginninderra Falls Association maintains that the proposed urban footprint for the West Belconnen township in ACT and NSW does not allow the establishment of an adequate and sustainable conservation park along the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek corridors. It must be modified.

The Association urges all community associations and the general public to make representations to the ACT and NSW Government authorities and Yass Valley Council to ensure that all river and creek parkland corridors extend at least 300 metres from the waterways and that urban development does not intrude into areas with significant natural heritage values.

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