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LEASE VARIATION - Boundary Re-alignment Strathnairn

Development Application: 201426700


Block: 1332 Section: 0

Proposal: LEASE VARIATION - Boundary Re-alignment - Please see application form for description.

Period for representations closes: 03/06/2015

Applicant:  Tony Adams

Lessee 1:  Arts ACT

Lessee 2:  Corkhill Bros Pty Ltd

Development/Precinct Code:  Non-Urban Zones Development Code

Please provide a full description of your proposal

The proposal is to amend the boundary between blocks 1605 and 1332 to create a more rational and manageable boundary. The current boundary is a very convoluted configuration, unrelated to the use of the land. The realigned boundary has been located to ensure a virtually equal swap of land from one parcel to the other, slightly favouring block 1332 (Strathnairn).

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