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National Capital Authority: Draft Amendment 85 - West Belconnen Urban Development

Draft Amendment 85 - West Belconnen Urban Development

DA85 is in response to a request received from the Riverview Group, acting on behalf of the ACT Government's Land Development Agency (LDA). The LDA has appointed Riverview Projects (ACT) Pty Ltd to manage the project.

The LDA has proposed that the town of Belconnen be extended immediately to the west of the suburbs of Holt and Macgregor for future urban development. The urban investigation area of West Belconnen was originally identified in the Canberra Spatial Plan (2004).  The development potential was confirmed in the ACT Planning Strategy in 2012.

The proposal for West Belconnen is for the development of 6500 dwellings with associated retail and community infrastructure, and for a contiguous conservation corridor of 360Ha along the Murrumbidgee River. The proposed development extends into New South Wales with potential for 5000 dwellings with a further 220Ha of conservation corridor. The NSW component of the proposal is outside the jurisdiction of the NCA.

The Plan sets broad land uses for the Territory, including the extent of urban areas. The Territory Plan defines specific uses within Urban Areas. DA85 is required to allow urban development for West Belconnen. The NCA Draft Amendment process will occur concurrently with a Territory Plan Variation (TPV). DA85 will redefine the broad land uses for the site in the General Policy Plan (Metropolitan Canberra) of the Plan, while a variation to the Territory Plan will define detailed urban land use provisions.

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