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Canberra Times: Letter to Editor 18 Sept 2015


See Sprawl threatens Ginninderra Falls

In this era of continuing popula­tion growth inAustralian capital cities, it is certainly difficult to decide exactly where to build our homes ('Planning executive says ACT needs to balance infill and greenfield concerns', September 13, p9).

The Ginninderra Falls Association's concern is that the green­ field proposal for a new outer Belconoen suburb, Parkwood, which crosses the border into NSW, will come too close to the lovely Ginninderra Gorge and its falls. The whole area is definitely worthy of national park status.

We therefore want the ACT Assembly Planning Committeeto urgently conduct an inquiryinto this whole development. Moreover, the National Capital Authority also has the ongoing responsibility to ensure that the adjacent Murrumbidgee River Gorge is conserved, as well as the surrounding hills and ridges. whether they are in ACT or nearby NSW.

Dr Chris Watson, president, Ginninderra Falls Association

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