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YASS Tribune: Time for more sustainable choices: Dr Saan Ecker


Local Leader | Burrinjuck Greens: Time for more sustainable choices: 13 November 2017.

Dr Saan Ecker

It’s depressing watching our political, business and community leaders make decisions that are clearly unfair, unwise and unsustainable.

The marriage equality vote and Manus Island decisions are examples of inconsolable stupidity at the national level causing more harm than good. 

Locally, we have the proposal at Parkwood, within the Ginninderry development, which plans to eliminate planning protections in place for around 100 years, so they can sell blocks with outstanding views.

The proposal includes a plan to rezone a significant area of environmental management (E3) land to R1 (General Residential). Some experts say this is likely to put significant numbers of threatened species at risk of local extinction or decline.

Bob Brown notes in his book ‘Optimism’ that the trouble with our world is that decisions made on financial gain are often poorly thought through. Intelligent decisions are made cautiously, weighing things up and worrying about the legacy of those decisions on future generations.

A group of scientists and community members have weighed up the impacts of this part of the development proposal and find it unacceptable. However those who seek financial gain find it acceptable.

This is a mismatch between promoted characteristics of the development (such as respecting biodiversity) and the potential impact of the development. It’s time for the careful and considerate to get active, rather than depressed, and challenge the power of the dollar as our primary decision maker.

Yass Valley Council will be holding community consultation on this development in the new year and we need some intelligent and careful consideration of this matter.

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