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Little Eagles Sightings


Attached is the map of Little Eagle Sightings on Ebird since August (the nesting period). Red markers are the more recent sightings (large markers are known bird hotspots). Also attached is the map for Wedge-tailed eagles for the same period.

Wedge-tailed eagles are much more common than Little Eagles, and nest particularly along the Murrumbidgee Corridor, according to COG.  The two eagles have mutually exclusive home foraging areas.

There have been few mentions of Little Eagles on the COG chatline lately:

  • Two seen at Ainslie on 15th October.
  • 1 adult at Gilmore horse paddocks on 21st November.

Also attached is a list of sighting dates for Little Eagles around Canberra from Ebird.

In 2008, LE successful nests were at Pegasus Riding School (Drake Brockman Drive), Duntroon, McQuoids Hill near Kambah Pool, and Dunlop.

The reported nest at Landsend could be part of the same territory as Strathnairn and Pegasus.  There may be other sites, but the Government's research group won't tell us.

Jerry Olsen reports that LE territories in the ACT have been increasing in size (possibly because they have become less productive).  He also says that LE territories are currently fluid, changing in response to Wedge-tailed Eagles and neighbouring LEs.  These factors make it difficult to predict what an adequate area is, and to suggest conservation reserve size.

The question is whether, in the light of current and future developments on both sides of the border, LE nest sites will remain viable at or near Strathnairn, Dunlop or Lands End/Pegasus.

Dave Kelly.

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