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Canberra Bird Notes: Volume 43 Number 2 July 2018


Interesting articles

When is a bird species regionally threatened? A discussion of the not-so-simple concept of ‘regional extinction’ in relation to the Australian Capital Territory
Geoffrey Dabb

Eleven historic breeding territories of ACT Little Eagles is an underestimate – A reply to Olsen and Rae (2017)
Jerry Olsen

An inconvenient Eagle
Geoffrey Dabb

Little Eagles in the ACT: A reply to Olsen & Rae (2017)
Stephen Debus

Review of Eagle book: A rejoinder to Veerman (2017)
Stephen Debus

Breeding observation of the Grey Butcherbird, including a repeat brood, in the Chapman/Rivett area
Wilf Hedley and Jack Holland

A review of the Australian Darter and various cormorant species breeding on Molonglo Reach, Lake Burley Griffin, ACT
Chris Davey

Age related variations in plumages of Eastern Koel Eudynamys orientalis
Geoffrey Dabb

Red-capped Robins breeding in suburban Amaroo: 2017-2018
Julie Clark

Sleuthing the vocalisations of the ACT’s first accepted record of Black Bittern
Alastair Smith

Notes on the breeding ecology of Little Eagles in the ACT in 2017/2018
Stuart Rae, Don Fletcher, Michael Mulvaney, Micah Davies, David Roberts and Penny Olsen

The Canberra Bird Blitz 2017
Barbara Allan

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