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Development threat to local platypus


Canberra Times: Letter to the Editor: 30 Nov 2020

PlatypusThe platypus is rare, elusive, and under threat. Picture supplied.

Re: "Platypus sightings drop nearly 25 per cent" (, November 22).

I note the quotation "Any negative impacts for platypus populations that might arise from land use change or development (suburban sprawl) will need to be considered" (Dr T. Hawke).

There are three platypus pools below Ginninderra Falls. The public is going to be given access to them for recreational activities as part of the ACT government joint venture with Riverview/Ginninderry.

Under the joint venture a riverside water leisure park is also planned for Murrumbidgee River in Ginninderry.

Australia's iconic platypus population is obviously under serious threat and needs to be protected in the ACT and across NSW. Surely our true Greens will oppose plans to "swim with platypuses".

P. R. Temple, Macquarie

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