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Future urbanisation along the Molonglo and Murrumbidgee Rivers linking Ginninderry and Tuggeranong


Following the 2021 AGM, Robyn Coghlan will lead a discussion about possible future urbanisation along the Molonglo and Murrumbidgee Rivers linking Ginninderry and Tuggeranong.


Discussion of Activities for 2022 and beyond.


Dave K. We need to keep in touch with the current Western Edge planning proposal. It is being worked on but is not yet on public display.

Doug. I have looked at the maps and it encompasses a large area west of Weston Creek, This area is a sitting duck for future urbanisation. It is currently used largely as horse paddocks. That is probably preferable to urbanisation.

Dave K. The study should include a complete review of the Murrumbidgee River corridor. This should be undertaken from an environmental preservation percpective not from a “how much urban can we fit in here” perspective. The western edge study should at some time be open for public comment. There are few recent environmental studies of this area . for instance the honeyeater study is 20 years old.

Dave Wong. The “right to a safe environment” should be one of the guiding principles. Maybe we could crowd fund for an independent study. Ginninderry will at least set some sort of precedent.

Robyn, EDO online presentation last week emphasised that people are still suffering for the 2019 bushfires.

Dave K. They should be given compensation. Cites case done by the EDO in relation to bushfire compensation.

Doug. The horsey people west of Weston Creek are fairly assiduous in keeping people out.

Dave K. Should we write to the ACT Govt and the Cons Council about the .western edge study. Rosenberg's Goanna study around Naas is ongoing.

Dave Wong. We know the corridor at Ginninderry is not large enough for them. Peggy from Kangaroo Island has been doing these studies for 30 years we have enough information to make informed decisions.

OTHER ISSUES. Planning Review

Dave K. The current planning review has very vague terms of reference. However we need to keep abreast of it.

Dave Wong. Maybe get Jason Sharples to do an extended fire report for the whole of the western edge.

Dave K. Wildlife requirements for reserves need to be specified.

Other issues.

Dave K. Aboriginal pathways along the Murrumbidgee should be researched.

Rosemary. Aboriginal artefacts and fossils should be included in the studies.

Dave Wong. Bogong moth sites should be included.

Imogen. Volunteers to organise a walk along the first bush track at Ginninderry from Straithnairn to Sheperds Lookout.

Dave W. What is the proposed location of Ginninderry tracks close to the Hyles quarry. Also latest on the Tourist/Information Centre.

Imogen. I have not looked at these issues. At the moment our work just stops at the ACT/NSW border.

Dave W. Is an information/eco-camp still proposed down near the river on Phyllis Flemings place?

Imogen. Talks about re-positioning of the Riverside Park infrastructure as a result of location of very significant aboriginal occupation sites. Again our focus at the moment is the ACT section of the Conservation Corridor.

Dave K. Back to Western Edge. I will write to the ACT Govt to enquire what is the current status of the Western Edge study. A connectivity study has been done but it is very general , no species specific information.

Rosemary. Should we contact COG about doing species specific studies.

ACTION. Dave K to write to COG about undertaking species specific connectivity studies in the Murrumbidgee River Corridor.

Robyn, Summaries the issues.

  1. Location of urban area.
  2. Protection of biodiversity.
  3. Should not have long narrow reserves.

Dave K. Other issues.

Rosemary. Try to work with other groups

Doug. Talk to the horsey people. They stand to lose their horsey paddock so they will be keen to be involved.

Dave W. The Huntley property has heritage values. Also the drive down to the Cotter reserve is a very iconic landscape which will be ruined if it is urbanised.

Robyn. Relevant to greenfields development. More hard surfaces and a lack of trees. Amendment 369 mandates a certain percentage of green space.

Dave W. Should we meet with the EDO to discuss whether a case can be made to challenge aspects of the Ginninderry development. In this regards Jason’s fire report would be very useful.

Robyn to Imogen. What new trails are proposed.


  1. the 3.5 Km trail from Straithnairn to Sheperds Lookout. This is an excellent which passes through a number of contrasting ecological zones. Includes bruners lookout and has styles to prevent bike access etc.
  2. We are currently working on more tracks and will submit DA’s for them in the future.

Doug. Would be good to get a map of the proposed trails.

Robyn. Need to control the number of people who use the tracks.

Imogen. No bikes will be allowed in the corridor.

Robyn. There is always a concern with urban development moving close to bush areas.

Imogen. We are planning lots of re-habilitation in the corridor. It is an EPBC requirement that we restore native vegetation. .

Meeting Closed

Meeting closed at 6:30 pm.

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